Item Code Part Code Product Item Group Item Name Image Add
Item Code Part Code Product Item Group Item Name Image Add
10004 Deep Freeze Relay QL2-5.70 153H
10010 Air Conditioner PCB Display SAMSUNG 8 WAIR
10011 Consumable Goods Anti Moist PACKET(5 nos)
10016 Water Purifier Inlate Valve Ball Vlave 1/4 Brass
10017 Assocories Gutka 1 inch 100 ps Pkt
10018 W10713622 Washing Machine PCB UI BORD -54CM VARI
10021 Microwave Oven Touch Pad LG 2341
10022 Water Purifier Cuplar Manual Flass
10023 1200020047 Consumable Goods SANITIZER HIMALAYA 100 ML
10025 Water Purifier Housing Housing S/O/R Remy White
10027 1200020384 Washing Machine DRAIN LEVER MIX A
10028 Air Conditioner Indoor Bush LG
10029 Washing Machine Drain Valve GODREJ SA OLD MODEL
10031 Water Purifier Membrane Sugan 80 GPD
10033 Water Purifier Membrane D/H Red
10036 Microwave Oven Touch Pad LG 1947
10037 Refrigerator Bulb Holder GODREJ WIRE+ JACK
10038 Washing Machine DRAIN LEVER MIX B
10039 Tools Spray Pump Bottle
10043 AB407 Microwave Oven Touch Pad 25BC3
10044 AB443 Microwave Oven Touch Pad MAGICOOK MW 20 BC
10045 GEYSERS Element Round USHA T-215 2.9 INCH/9 INCH
10046 Microwave Oven Touch Pad LG 7040NWR
10049 Water Purifier Small Part In Line Sugan (3 ps)
10050 Washing Machine DRAIN LEVER MIX C
10051 Microwave Oven Touch Pad LG 8047ARH
10052 Water Purifier Filter Spun New Aqua
10053 Refrigerator Fan Motor LG PCB MODEL
10055 Microwave Oven Touch Pad LG 2841SPS
10056 0 Refrigerator Fan Motor DC 3 WAIR 12V ZWF-30-3
10058 Air Conditioner Indoor Bush SAMSUNG
10059 Air Conditioner Indoor Bush ONIDA
10060 Washing Machine Drain Valve GODREJ SA NEW MODEL
10061 Washing Machine DRAIN LEVER MIX D
10062 Air Conditioner Indoor Bush VOLTAS
10063 Microwave Oven Touch Pad IFB 30SC3
10064 Microwave Oven Touch Pad IFB 20BC4
10065 Microwave Oven Touch Pad GE83ZL
10071 Washing Machine DRAIN LEVER MIX E
10072 Washing Machine DRAIN LEVER MIX E
10073 Air Conditioner Motor Indoor AC RPG45B
10074 Tools Clamp Meter BIG 266
10075 Refrigerator PCB LG DC COMP 4 CAP SMALL IC
10076 40101701PA04184 Air Conditioner Swing Motor GSC24FW3WNU
10077 Deep Freeze Relay 4241 NORMAL
10078 Refrigerator Crisper Tray GODREJ180 LTR
10079 Air Conditioner PCB Main PANASONIC SP911DP1 BABOSA
10080 Deep Freeze Relay 4841
10081 Deep Freeze Relay 5941
10082 Consumable Goods Flux 100 gm
10083 Air Conditioner Swing Motor MP30EA
10086 W10855795 Washing Machine PCB ROYALE VR62A, WR65
10087 Air Conditioner PCB Main LG DC BABOSA
10088 Washing Machine PCB CCU ASSY WORLD SERIRIS WS72A
10089 Microwave Oven Magnatone 210A
10091 Air Conditioner PCB Main SAMSUNG 8W + DISPLAY
10092 GEYSERS Thermostat Capillary Round Type
10093 GEYSERS Element Square USHA T35 3.5 inch/9 inch
10095 Consumable Goods SERVICE GAS-LPG Can
10096 Consumable Goods SERVICE GAS- HC
10097 Consumable Goods SERVICE GAS- R600
10098 Consumable Goods SERVICE GAS-R290
10100 AB482 Microwave Oven Touch Pad 25DGSC1
10101 Refrigerator Freezer Door LG STAR1 (A)
10104 AB385 Microwave Oven Touch Pad MW73AD
10105 31141596DG01054 Refrigerator Crisper Cover GODREJ AXIS
10106 40101701PA04115 Air Conditioner Swing Motor GSC18FQ5CWOC
10107 52141501PA02724 Assocories Stand GODREJ ADJ REF GRAY
10109 40101701PA06856 Air Conditioner Swing Motor GSC18ATC3-WSA
10110 Washing Machine Hose Pipe Inlate IFB FRONT LOAD
10111 W10666619 Washing Machine Gear Box SA WHIRLPOOL IMPELLER
10112 40151606SD00339 Refrigerator Compressor GE80 750 BTU
10116 52141601PA02227 Washing Machine Plastic Part WFEON600 OUTER
10118 52141601PA02226 Washing Machine Plastic Part PORTHOLE WFEON600PAEC
10120 Refrigerator Shelf VIDEOCON 175 BIG
10121 24131513SD00056 Gas R32 GODREJ- 45kg
10122 40101701PA07837 Air Conditioner Motor Outdoor 55W G-KFD55 SAC CU
10123 52141501PA02327 Refrigerator Freezer Door 350 PCI
10124 26101114SD00323 Refrigerator Fan Motor ELE MOTOR 150W
10127 W10404540 Washing Machine Hose Pipe Drain TUB TO DRUM VALVE WHIRLPOOL
10128 52141502PA02026 Microwave Oven Magnatone GME725CF
10134 Washing Machine Buffer BPL BS-40/50
10135 52141601PA00449 Washing Machine Buffer Godrej
10139 Washing Machine Belt 25 INCH
10141 Washing Machine Belt 22.5 INCH
10147 Refrigerator Bimetal Thermostat LG3 Wire
10149 Refrigerator Bimetal Thermostat LG 4 WAIR
10150 Refrigerator Bimetal Thermostat Samsang with Fuse
10153 W10746139 Refrigerator Bimetal Thermostat Whirlpool-TOD-39TV-CP
10154 Refrigerator Bimetal Thermostat Videocon
10158 Refrigerator Leg Channel GODREJ 165L PUFF
10163 Washing Machine TAP ADAPTER SMALL
10164 1100016365 GEYSERS Element Round 3.5 INCH L TYPE
10165 GEYSERS Element Round 3 INCH V-GUARD
10166 Tools Charging Valve BALL VALVE BC01 1/4-5/16
10170 Refrigerator Bottle Rack VOLTAS DOUBLE GARD
10172 Refrigerator Bottle Rack Kelvinator Supercool
10173 Refrigerator Bottle Rack Electrolux Instacool 170L
10176 Refrigerator Bottle Rack LG 1011 Small Hight